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Firehorse Foundation
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

landline : + 44(0)20-36032532

Contact in the Philippines :
Call and text only in English and only
if you send already your project data.

Globe / TM   : + 63 (0) 97 55 233 067
Smart / TNT : + 63 (0) 95 17 55 22 33

Managing Director Philippines / Owner :
Roseminda Hartmann
Siaton, Barangay Sandulot
6219 Negros Oriental

With MyEcash.Net
you can donate any
amount of any Crypto
or any other Currency.
Just fill the form and you get
the Bank / Wallet data by email.

Please help us to help people because they need it immediately.
Please make a donation right now. Feel good because you do something good.
Thank you very much in advance !

To become right now a Club Member with a donation of $200
just click the button $200 "Pay".

But of course any other amount is also very welcome.
So we can help others to help themselves.
Copyright by : Firehorse Foundation ©
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