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Nearly every day there is anywhere in the world a natural disaster.
This happen many times in South East Asia and especially in the Philippines.
We help people around the World but especially in South East Asia.
Doesn't matter if they have a good business idea but don't get a credit from their Bank
cause their house was destroyed by an earthquake
or if they are victims of a Typhoon, Tsunami and / or another disaster.
Firehorse Foundation will also help people without internet connection to use one for free.
Especially in South East Asia.
This will primary happen by hotspots for example in schools or at public places.
In order to be able to continue to exist and expand on its own account beside any donations,
the Firehorse Foundation will operate a "farm" that generates Crypto Currencies.
In this case, a certain percentage of the generated Currency remain as profit.
Some of this we use to build further "hotspots".
Our primary Business Purpose is creating and offering internet platforms about advertisement
and information because this makes us able to do Donations without reiceiving Donations.
We will use nearly all our profits for our social projects to help people who need it.
But of course we are always very thankful to receive any amount as Donation.

Please help us to help the people cause they need it immediately.
Please do a donation now. Feel good cause you do something good.
Thank you very much in advance !

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