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Please help us to help the people cause they need it immediately.
Please do a donation now and feel good cause you do something good.
Thank you very much in advance !

Bank transfer by Sepa to :

receiver : myecash

note : Firehorse

IBAN : GB06LOYD77916820416960


Bankname : LLOYDS BANK


are some Fotos

of the

Flood Desaster


Cagayan de Oro

in December 2017

Here are just some Testimonials
cause many people are shy
and primariy we want to help instead of document about our help.

"Joanne Lopez Bacarro"
Thanks for financial support for my family and me.
Thank you also very much for paying my dentist bill.

"Stephanie B. Aquino"
Thank you very much for your support to get my best friend out of prison
when she was pregnant and nearly ready to deliver her baby.
I am very happy that you also paid the deposit to get her out
and she delivered her baby out of prison.
"Ethel Guerrero Cinco"
We, my family and me, are very happy to receive your financial support
during a bad time when my boss didn't pay my sallary for 6 month.

"Vincent Asilo"
Thanks for supporting me to realize my close friends Birthday Party
and for finance it in the public swimming pool.

"Dante M."
Thanks for your technical support
and also for your financial help for internet and water bills.
"Harald Reinhard"
Thank you very much for your hospitality in Germany and
to finance the start up of my Laos Company.
Thanks also for paying my flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt and back
to Vientianne. So that I could escape the Thai Immigration Detention Center
and live again with my Laos girlfriend.

"Rolf Ch."
Thanks for supporting me with accomodation, food and money
in Thailand and Germany as well.
and S-Pay you can
send any currency or Bitcoin.
Copyright by : Firehorse Foundation ©
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