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Donation Project of Frank Dutschke !

In December 2021, there was a super typhoon in Cebu in the Philippines and we are still struggling with the fact that we lost almost everything!
This typhoon reached wind speeds of over 160 miles per Hour, combined with very heavy rainfall. Our house withstood a few hours, then it had lost the battle.
The roof was then mostly gone. The water then came unhindered into the house. Many things are useless, just to be thrown away.
throw away. The children spent the night under the sturdy dining table, since things that were flying around outside fell from above through the roof, which was no longer roof that no longer exists. The broken windows were also dangerous, because parts that flew by horizontally also threatened to fall into the house.
The first nights after that most of the people slept outdoors because there was no more dry place more gave. We were in the house a total of 13 family members.
Fortunately, there were no dead or injured in our family.
The next day we had no more car (completely burned out).
Then there was no water or electricity for several months. The mobile internet came back very weak at times The biggest problem is the restoration of the roof. As well as the windows. Not to mention the furniture and things that have become unusable.
have become unusable.
We are told that the restoration of the power supply will take 2 - 3 months.
3 months.
I thought that was very optimistic when you look at the damage everywhere.
everywhere. It looked like after a war.
In the end, we had to use our own financial means to provisionally restore everything.
to restore everything provisionally. In addition, because there was still no electricity electricity there was only the option to do everything ourselves new power lines, new pylons etc. This all led to a financial total loss from which we have have not recovered until today. The roof is not properly sealed to this day.
The list is much longer....
We are happy about every donation. We will give 25% of the donations to the the neighbors here on site and support them with this donation as well.
support .
Many thanks.

The Team of Firehorse Foundation thanks to Frank Dutschke and we wish him good success with his Donation Project !

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