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All Buyers of an item for $200 or higher become automatically a Club Member !

In addition to many interesting ebooks with helpful informations about
many different topics now we have also some ebooks with reseller rights.
We received them also as a gift to help people with the earnings of sales.
So you will also become automatically a Club Member
for one year when you buy one of our $200 offers.
For these ebooks you will get also the Reseller Rights !
Right now it's just one package of ten ebooks.
But it's a value to check from time to time because soon there will be more.
With a purchase you do something good for yourself
because you can earn a lot of money by selling these ebooks with reseller rights.
But of course you do also something good to many other people
because we take the whole amount of these $200 as a donation
and we use these $200 to help people who need our help immediately.

As a Club Member you will automatically become a Sustaining Member after we start up the Foundation in the Philippines !
Only Club Member / Sustaining Member can join and win in our free quiz competition.
The money to pay the gifts for the raffle will taken only from those Donations who join the Raffle !
To join the Raffle you need to register seperate here at our website and forward your payment confirmation to us.
A Club Member donates at least once a year $200 or more.
After 4 donations of $50 in one year and after the last of 10 donations of $20 in one year you are also a Club Member.
After your free online registration you will receive an automatically reply by email with further details for your donation.
Now this is also possible with a purchase of a package with 10 ebooks for the price of $200. It comes with Master Reseller Rights and Websites.

Read more about the ebooks
below or just click the image above
to read it in a seperate window.
For this you can also
click right now here !
10NicheBooklets™ with Master Resell Rights

How Would You Like to Start
with TEN (10) Brand New
Never Before Released Niche Products

with Master Resell Rights?

Start your business with a bang with
TEN (10) brand new, never before released NicheBooklets™
The 10 NicheBooklets™ come with Master Resell Rights --
sell the NicheBooklets™ individually
or as a collection and rake in 100% of the profits!

Here's what you'll get:

  • NicheBooklets™ on 10 Hot Niche Topics (PDF)
  • Sales page you can use to sell the NicheBooklets™ instantly, which you can also modify to suit your preferences
  • 30 professional NicheBooklets™ ecover graphics you can use

And here are the 10 NicheBooklets™ you can sell instantly and keep 100% of the profits:

This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • care for dry skin
  • give your skin the best care possible
  • reduce unsightly stretch marks
  • start a holistic skin care routine
  • keep your hair healthy
  • vanish those wrinkles with the help of inexpensive solutions
  • PLUS 21 effective beauty and skincare tips!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • make organizing a team effort
  • avoid storage space blues
  • get yourself organized
  • create functional yet attractive storage spaces
  • store tiny trinkets minus the hassles
  • find extra space in unexpected places
  • PLUS 21 easy to follow tips on how you can be more organized!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • avoid saying the N-word and retain customers
  • deal with a complaining customer
  • create a client-friendly environment
  • be happy and increase your profits
  • entertain customers
  • deal with difficult customers
  • PLUS 21 high-powered tips for better customer service!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you:

  • what's involved in caring for a dog
  • what great gifts you can give to your dog
  • how to keep your dog happy
  • what to do to make sure your dogs get along
  • how to keep fleas and bad odor off your pet
  • solutions if your dog gets smelly
  • PLUS 21 tips to ensure a healthy dog!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • choose clothes that make you look slimmer
  • be a smart shopper
  • make simple changes in your wardrobe for impact
  • dress in style and be comfortable too
  • shop for clothes when you're on a tight budget
  • accentuate your features through colors
  • PLUS 21 tried and true fashion tips!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you:

  • how to develop the perfect garden
  • how to maintain a garden with only 5 minutes to spare
  • why you should invest in a good set of gardening tools
  • how to grow a healthy garden
  • how to cultivate your flowerbeds
  • how to take care of your houseplants
  • PLUS 21 gardening tips you can use today!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • care for your skin using natural products
  • maintain an ideal weight
  • keep your family healthy inside your home
  • workout without knowing it
  • incorporate better nutrition in your diet
  • make small changes that result in huge weight loss
  • PLUS 21 highly effective health and fitness tips!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • keep your tools organized
  • deal with plumbing problems quickly and easily
  • keep your manuals and pamphlets handy
  • deal with clutter in your household
  • be ready for simple home repair jobs
  • do simple painting preparation
  • PLUS 21 you-can-do-it-now home repair tips!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • reuse household items
  • keep your kitchenware odor-free
  • solve common problems using kitchen items
  • remove glue, decals and stickers from furniture
  • get more use out of dryer sheets
  • get more use out of vinegar
  • PLUS 21 ready-to-implement housekeeping tips!

    This NicheBooklet™ shows you how to:

  • maximize your schedule
  • create effective to-do lists
  • organize yourself and your time
  • manage your time and reduce stress
  • set realistic goals
  • keep up wih your schedule and avoid stress
  • PLUS 21 high-impact time management tips!

    Again, these 10 NicheBooklets™ have never been released before.
    You can be one of the FIRST few
    to these NicheBooklets™ and keep 100% of the profits!

    You can:

    • Resell the 10 NicheBooklets™ individually or as a collection
    • Pass on the resell rights to the 10 NicheBooklets™ to others
    • Bundle up the NicheBooklets™ with other products you're selling
    • Include the NicheBooklets™ in your membership site
    • Use the NicheBooklets™ as incentives for people to subscribe to your e-zines

    You can do all the above on one condition: The contents and links in the NicheBooklets™ must never be changed. That's it!

    Again, here's what you'll get when you choose to snap up this offer:

    • NicheBooklets™ on 10 Hot Niche Topics (PDF)
    • Sales page you can use to sell the NicheBooklets™ instantly, which you can also modify to suit your preferences
    • 30 professional NicheBooklets™ ecover graphics you can use

    You're probably wondering how much it will cost to get your hands on these 10 brand new NicheBooklets™. One thing's for sure... it's not going to cost you a fortune!

    Right now, you can have these 10 niche products with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS
    for just $200... that's only $20 per niche product !

    Hurry, take advantage of this offer today and start it right now !


    Are YOU ready
    to own these 10 NicheBooklets™ today
    and keep 100% of the profits?

    To your niche marketing success in your ebook business and beyond!

    Firehorse Foundation

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    Please help us to help people because they need it immediately.
    Please make a donation right now. Feel good because you do something good.
    Thank you very much in advance !

    To become right now a Club Member with a donation of $200
    just click the button $200 "Pay".

    But of course any other amount is also very welcome.
    So we can help others to help themselves.
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