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Your Project

Your Project !

Here you can set your own Project and collect donations for it.
We directly forward all donations for your project to you
by using S-Pay and / or our own exchanger MyEcash.Net.
S-Pay is the best and most secure Internet Payment System
we know and MyEcash.Net is the converter to your Bank Account.
We keep a small fee of 20% from each donation to help others.

Doesn't matter if someone donate 1, 1,000 or 1,000,000 USD
to your project.
We don't wait until the total amount of your project is collected.
Immediately after we receive any donation for your project
we forward it to you !

With even a one time Donation of any amount of any currency
to any project the donor will be a Sustaining Member !

All members of any of our platforms will be automatically a
Sustaining Member cause we use nearly 100% of the earnings
as a Donation to people who ask for, accept and need our help.

Start up your own donation project
with Forehorse Foundation right now for free.
Your project will have an own page that you can promote
at Facebook or in any other social media.
Just fill the form beside and press the send button.


Please help us to help the people cause they need it immediately.
Please do a donation now and feel good cause you do something good.
Thank you very much in advance !

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