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Please donate now $50 and help us to help others who need immediately help !

All Buyers of an item for $200 or higher become automatically a Club Member !

In addition to many interesting ebooks with helpful informations about
many different topics now we have also some ebooks with reseller rights.
We received them also as a gift to help people with the earnings of sales.
So you will also become automatically a Club Member
for one year when you buy one of our $200 offers.
For these ebooks you will get also the Reseller Rights !
Right now it's just one package of ten ebooks.
But it's a value to check from time to time because soon there will be more.
With a purchase you do something good for yourself
because you can earn a lot of money by selling these ebooks with reseller rights.
But of course you do also something good to many other people
because we take the whole amount of these $200 as a donation
and we use these $200 to people who need our help immediately.
With a donation of $50 you will get 50 Firehorse Coin Token as a gift and you do also something good for yourself because you never know if the value of our Coin will go down to $0.01 or if it increase to $100.000 after the ICO. Currently we evaluate 1 Firehorse Coin Token with $1.
But of course you do also something good to many other people because you donate and we forward your donation to people who need our help immediately.

As a Club Member you will automatically become a Sustaining Member after we start up the Foundation in the Philippines !
Only Club Member / Sustaining Member can join and win in our free quiz competition.
The money to pay the gifts for the raffle will taken only from those Donations who join the Raffle !
A Club Member donates at least once a year $200 or more.
After 4 donations of $50 in one year and after the last of 10 donations of $20 in one year you are also a Club Member.
After your free online registration you will receive an automatically reply by email with further details for your donation.
Now this is also possible with a purchase of a package with our Firehorse Coin Token.
We are going to create the Token at BSC as a BEP20 Token and after the ICO we want to back up the Firehorse Coin with precious Gemstones and precious Metall. But currently it's primary an equivalent for our Donators to join the raffle.
After your Donation you can decide
if you just only donate or if you
want to download the following
eBook Project with a value of $50.
You will be forwarded automatically
and you can download it immediately.
With MyEcash.Net
you can donate any
amount of any Crypto
or any other Currency.
Just fill the form and you get
the Bank / Wallet data by email.

Please help us to help people because they need it immediately.
Please make a donation right now. Feel good because you do something good.
Thank you very much in advance !

To become right now a Club Member with a donation of $200
just click the button $200 "Pay".

But of course any other amount is also very welcome.
So we can help others to help themselves.
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